A Brief History

In the early 1940’s Alvin B. and Grace Allen had this house built to raise their family and begin farming. During the war, in order to build any house, you had to go through the rations board. Alvin (Pal) went to the board but was turned down. At that point Grace was brought into the picture. She went to the board and being the 5 foot nothing ball of fire that she was given the supplies to build this house.

In 1970 the highway was widened to four lanes. The house was condemned and put up for auction. My Dad, John B., put in a bid of $1001 in the closed auction. Luckily no one else bid on the home, and we moved it back to where it now stands. The large back room was added and a new floor plan changed the house to what you see now.

John and Carol continued to farm until 1995. Carol passed away in 2005 and John B. in 2007. Soon after that, we decided to do some renovations and open the house and property as an event center.